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About Us

About Us

Technix is an indigenous Malawian company established in 2014 and registered in January 2015 under the Business Names Act (cap. 46:02) with registration number 176081.

At Technix our vision is improved customer productivity from use of Information and Communication Technologies.

Our mission is to provide relevant Information and Communication Technology solutions which simplify customer tasks to maximize output.

At the heart of everything we do at Technix, we always aim at being able to ‘Simplify’. We strive to simplify the tasks our customers undertake in their business, at work or in their everyday life by providing them with ICT solutions which help them do the tasks better, faster and more accurately.

Our Core Values 

At Technix, we regard the following values – which depict who we are, very highly: 

Honesty: whether it is business advice, prices of services or even presenting our technical capabilities, we always present the truth and we are sincere.

Loyalty: at Technix, we are always loyal to our clients by fulfilling all our contractual commitments.

Innovation: creation of new / improving of existing solutions which simplify customer tasks is what drives Technix. Technix is always trying to make life easier for clients.


TechNix automated the School Management processes, Library, and installed the state of the art network at our Campus. Their advice is wonderful and the members are competent. TechNix also installed a zerp client computer lab such that we now save on energy and maintenance costs.I therefore recommend TechNix.
Mr. Moyo, Malawi Adventist University
These guys automated our data collection and analysis. We now save on stationery and data entry as data is collected using tablet computers and sent directly to the database from where the cards are printed.
Peterson Nyasulu, CEO, Greenwing Capital
TechNix installed a cost-effective hotspot at our hotel. Visitors now access internet in their rooms and around the campus. Bravo guys!!!!!!!
Dr M.A.R. Phiri, CEO, La'Riviera Hotel

What We Do

Company's Milestones


Having gone through the tough market competition, we can now smile with many getting acquainted with our products and services. We have now grown to full capacity...


We were ready to explore the market with our products, thoughtfully designed and customer-centered. The year was tough with many corruptions flooding the market. We were never afraid knowing that after it all we shall win the hearts of many woth our honesty and competency. We sailed with whirlwinds pushing us left, right, centre but yea, we survived.


Two partners sat down and agreed to quit jobs and serve Malawi with finest Technology. Fear abound and they clung to their jobs and running the business simultaneously. The name was given and all the necessary documentation drafted. It was quiet an adventure.

Skill Description

Skill Description: 100%


Skill Description: 75%


Skill Description: 50%


Skill Description: 25%


About TechNix

Physical Address

TechNix Malawi

  • +265 884 978 787 (7:30 - 17:00)
  • info@technixmw.com
  • Shareworld-KCH Road
     Plot 08/G12

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